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Zirumuze New Life Clinic

Published on: 4 avril 2015

Company description

Zirumuze Ltd is a private owned company that among other activities writes motivational books on entrepreneurship and conducts training activities on the same subject.
The company has a dedicated professional team to serve its clients

Objectives of the proposal

  • Attract investors and donors to facilitate the company realize printing budget
  • Attract other partnerships
  • Focus on relevant ideas and establish goals to attain them

Objectives of the company

  • Writing motivational books on entrepreneurship mainly written in Kinyarwanda to be easily read and understood by local population
  • Training people in different development oriented subjects
  • Boosting agriculture for business
  • Motivate young entrepreneurs to create their own jobs.

Mission Statement

To motivate, encourage and enhance entrepreneurship spirit in Rwandaby building a competitive consultancy in Rwanda that is driven by our commitment to deliver high quality services, targeted to meet the challenges of a changing Environment.


Our vision of success is to achieve a team environment with our clients, staff, associates and business partners perpetuating a long-term, mutually beneficial, relationship.

Philosophy of the company

Our chief aim in Tangira ltd, is to motivate and inspire young and old Rwandan entrepreneurs. we strongly believe entrepreneurship is a cornerstone to our country’s development, When well understood will eventually eradicate poverty in both rural and urban areas of our country.

We provide a performance-based environment, mutually beneficial to both our clients and the employees, without compromising on values such as business ethics, honesty and professionalism.

The team

The true reality is that the quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up”. Similarly, our work force is the mirror of our organization. The best personnel bring out the best results and the final service is ought to be a class apart, when it goes through the master strokes of the design team, the eagle-eyes of the quality team and finally stamped by the delivery team. Overall, a great team of variously skilled members of the finest cadre brings to a position to serve to the best standard our clients.


As a team, we are not only rich in terms of skill but also in terms of valuable experience in this domain. The incredible talents that we possess have been sharpened to near perfection with endless hours of sincere dedication.

With our team work spirit, we will provide excellent service to expectations of our clients as required in terms of reference. Our being characterized by teamwork spirit environment accompanied by open and direct communication and an organized wide commitment to motivating our employees to reach their maximum potential in everything they helped our business attain timely service delivery.

Tangira Ltd aims to offer

A healthy, enjoyable, exciting and motivational work atmosphere in which our team is empowered to take on responsibility, develop and present ideas, educate themselves and others and use their talents and abilities to their fullest capacity.
Professional works that provide the highest standards of quality and efficiency where services, creativity, reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of every aspect of our services.

Our effort is to ensure that we are providing finest services that are strategically related onTangira Ltd vision as well as having the ability to produce superior results.
Through creative thinking and strategic planning we will attain all the objectives of the company as well expect to be accountable for helping the society.

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